Anonymous asked: and how did u read fanfictions?

I have a computer. 

44 minutes ago
Anonymous asked: wow why and how could u live with that , did u ahd an ipad or something like that then?

I mean it wasn’t that hard. I had an iPod, so. 

49 minutes ago
Anonymous asked: you didnt had a phone before?

Nope. I haven’t had a phone in like 5 years.

53 minutes ago

I finally got a cell phone! If anyone wants my number just message me :)

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is ugly an emotion bc im feeling it

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“Well, you should be staring at my wife.”

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Hopefully getting a cell phone today ☺️

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It just keeps…… getting. …. better

thekatiestevens Me and my girlfriend @therealritavolk

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when cheney becomes a mother i will cry until the day they lay me in my grave

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☮  +F Twitter

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